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Change is coming!

Hello, I’m Tobin Knight.

Thank you for your time. Welcome to We Will Change the World!


Every dollar donated goes to help change the world. 100% of what you donate is used to help. I take nothing and I pay for all expenses. 

Education - knowledge will change the world, what is coming will be amazing. America and in time the world will unite, why because we will learn that it just makes sense.

We all know deep down that we are stronger together than we are apart. 

Hatred, bigotry, racism, bias– not treating each other equally - discrimination in any form does not help us, it weakens us, it is like poison; most of us know this is true. 

Media – advertising works. I will put together the funds needed for a campaign that will work. That will help us all see the value, the benefits of getting along, working together towards common goals that we all want. Education is fundamental to change in society. Helping people see / learn the benefits of getting along with each other - uniting America and the world will happen, it's just a matter of time, 50%- 60% of America knows this already, 30% or so know it deep down. It won't take that long for them to learn and to accept this. Now 5 to 10% or so may take more time, more effort to see the value of uniting. Some, I am sorry to say, will resist it and just won't accept it. This group over time will diminish. 

It's unfortunate, but more than likely based on history, there will be times when force is needed to help achieve peace. Force should be the last option in resolving any conflict. 

Unity is the answer, we know this is true. Thinking that one is better than the other is not the way to go, it doesn’t work. It does not help us get what we want. 
Some think that unity means that we all must support, encourage our neighbor's activities, beliefs, actions this is not true. Let's be civil, just get along- not hurt one another, live in peace. 

We will all have the ability, to read what we want and listen to what we want. Religious freedom for all mankind is critical, so is free speech. 

We have the power to change. Our lives go in the direction of our thoughts. As we all learn this, a shift will start to happen, and society will start to change. Education - knowledge will bring the world together and in time we will have unity and peace. It's not a hard sell at all, because it's what we want deep down. That is why the media - advertising campaign will work so well, we want it to work, it just makes sense there are way too many benefits.  

If you would like to help, let me know. Email me at support@tobinknight.com 

Together we will change the world!

It's been said that "What you do for yourself - you take with you
and what you do for others - stays behind" - Tobin Knight

Education will change the world!

Change is coming!

Unity and Peace is the answer. This does not mean we must encourage, support, endorse – what others do – what others say – what others believe – what others think, some people are not clear on that at this point. 

We will work together to solve the problems – the issues America and the World face. Together we will make America and the World a better place for our children, our grandchildren to grow up in, to live in. This is not pie in the sky thinking this will work. Unity and working together make sense. This is not a hard sell as I have pointed out. Let’s just get along and work together to make the world a better place.

Education is fundamental to the change that is coming. Once people understand, learn that they should not fear others – fear other religions, fear other people’s beliefs then the World will unite and we will see the change that we all really want and desire deep down. 

Many times solutions, issues, and problems seem so hard at 1st to find to solve, but in reality, they are not hard to solve at all. I find this to be the case often. We tend to build them up in our minds and make them harder to solve than they really are. 

The media, an advertising campaign that is coming, will bring about the change, the Unity, the Peace that we all want deep down, that we all know just makes sense. 

We are stronger together than we are apart.

God Bless You! 

Tobin Knight 

"Education/knowledge- in time will cause the world to come together and unite."
.... Tobin Knight 10/18/21

Do your little bit of good where you are;
it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize 1984)


Education will change the world!

Top 10 Advertising Agencies in the World

1. Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather is a New York City-based advertising, marketing, and public relations agency. It started as a London advertising agency founded in 1850 by Edmund Mather. In 1964 it became known as Ogilvy & Mather after merging with a New York City agency that was founded in 1948 by David Ogilvy. Having presence in India since 1928, this agency operates its offices in all major cities. It is part of the WPP Group, which is by revenue one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world. O&M earned a classic reputation through its work and performance in the marketplace.

Website: www.ogilvy.com

2. MullenLowe U.S. (We are different kind of beast)

MullenLowe U.S. is the best American advertising agency around and was founded in 1970 by Jim Mullen in Boston. Because of its capability of early adaptation of social media, it has been successful in landing the “most influential” client in the century. It is excellent in content creation, brand planning, user experience designing, performance analytics, studying the influence of digital and technology production. Mullen is one of the top 10 innovative marketing and advertising companies.It is 2017 global creative pr agency of the year. Also MullenLowe Mediahub partnered with Netflix on two incredible campaigns, ‘Earn Your Power’ and ‘Unblockable ads”. Both of these campaigns have been recognized as two of Adweek’s Best Media Plans for 2017.


3. McCann Worldgroup

Next in the row is McCann (formerly McCann Erickson) a global advertising agency network, with offices in 120 countries. It is a subsidiary of the Interpublic Group of Companies, one of the four large holding companies in the advertising industry. McCann Worldgroup is a leading global marketing services company comprising:

  • MRM//McCann (digital marketing/relationship management)
  • Momentum Worldwide (total brand experience)
  • McCann Health (professional/dtc communications)
  • CRAFT (global adaptation and production)
  • UM (media management)
  • Weber Shandwick (public relations)
  • FutureBrand (consulting/design)
  • PMK-BNC (entertainment/brand/popular culture)

McCann was the first agency to diversify into domains other than marketing.

Website: https://www.mccannworldgroup.com/

4. Publicis Groupe

It was founded in 1926 in France which is considered as the oldest as well as largest marketing & advertising companies in the world. Publicis Groupe is owned by Maurice Levy including Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. Recently it took full control of BBH and acquired a long string of digital specialists including Digitas, Razorfish, and Sapient.

In 2016 it split its media networks i.e. Starcom MediaVest and ZenithOptimedia into four separate units.

It provides marketing, communication, and digital transformation services, POS, video editing etc.

Website: http://www.publicisna.com/

5. Dentsu (Japan)

There is no advertising agency that dominates its home market as completely as Dentsu of Japan. It is a multinational media and digital communications who have its office in London (U.K). Dentsu was founded by Jerry Bhulman and controls around 30% of all that country’s mass media advertising.

This one is currently the largest advertising agency and fifth largest agency network in terms of worldwide which is made of 10 global network brands.

Recently its profile outside Asia was not very known but Dentsu began to change that imbalance with a few carefully selected acquisitions. Its first big breakthrough came with the purchase of New York agency McGarry Bowen. That was topped by the bolt of Ages which owns the global media networks of Carat and Vizeum.

Website: www.dentsu.com

6. Havas

Here we have Havas that is now controlled by French media group Vivendi and is an American Advertising agency founded in 1991. It controls advertising network Havas Worldwide (known as Euro RSCG until 2012). And is the fifth largest communications group in the world. Also, a small collection of other agencies which are known as Arnold Worldwide.

It has made up around 316 offices located in 75 different countries.

The former flagship of Euro RSCG in Paris has also established a separate identity under the name BETC. Havas worldwide works with the largest 78 out of 100 global advertisers.

Website: http://havas.com/

7. Grey Global (Adverting Giant)

Grey global was founded in 1917 by an 18-year-old Lawrence Valenstine in an art studio. Later it acquired all the advertising networks. Its headquarter is situated in New York and has 432 offices in 96 countries worldwide. It was the most innovative company in 2015 as it has extended its services in advertising, public relations, public brand development and interactive marketing.

It has various subsidiaries: Grey, G2, GHG, GCI Group, MediaCom Worldwide, Alliance, GWHIZ, and WING.

Website: http://grey.com

8. Droga 5 (Digital Native)

It is a global advertising agency set up in New York in 2006. Accenture is meant to be its parent company which is a fortune 500 company based in Ireland. David Droga coined the name “Droga5” sewed by his mother on their clothing belonging to the fifth of her six children. Droga established his first office later.

It works across all platforms including broadcast, print, digital, social, experiential and out-of-home. It has been in the top-ranked 10th agency of the world.

Website: https://droga5.com


BBDO is arguably the world’s most admired creative network, having won more industry awards since 2005 than any other. Its roots were first laid down by George Batten, who was later to provide the first B in BBDO. Other characters mean Barton, Durstine, Osborn that has a collection of world prestigious clients.

BBDO has 289 offices in 81 different countries with more than 15000 employees.

It is considered as the largest network of three global agencies BBDO, DDB & TBWA.

Advertising agency like BBDO is generally among the top tier of agencies in each market.

It operates and offers a broad range of marketing services in most countries. Sometimes it offers through locally acquired and separately branded specialist subsidiaries or affiliates.

This company has a presence in 18 countries in Latin America.


10. Y and R (Young & Rubicam) – Resist the usual

Young and Rubicam has its roots in Philadelphia started as a very small unit, later it moved to New York in 1926 and the journey went on. Now it is known as one of the most iconic advertising agencies in the world. It has its headquarters situated in New York and was founded by John Orr Young. It is one of the most ideal companies specializing in advertising, digital and media.

Young and Rubicam started in 1978 and is a full-service agency. It is executing both online and off-line advertising. Also, it has approximately 200 employees with more than $250 million in annual billings.

Website: http://www.yr.com/

Education will change the world; I know that helping people learn new things will bring about change. This is one of the things I will do with the days I am given. - Tobin Knight

We are stronger together than we are apart!


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